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the project

People don’t always fully understand their environmental footprint, or know how to begin making changes to limit their impact.


synodic provides an easy and all-encompassing way to begin the journey to sustainable living by making small changes to our familiar routines, and keeping people aware of the impacts they have on our planet.


College students/ those in their 20s who are beginning their own lives and may want to, but not know, how to begin making changes towards being more environmentally conscious.

synodic is looking to change how people live and hold them accountable for their impact on our planet. The goal is for people to understand that they can make a difference, and there are a plethora of simple ways to do so.

impact score

The Impact Score allows users to gain perspective on their environmental footprint and visually see the effects they have through curating a more sustainable lifestyle.

  • Users will complete a short initial assessment about current lifestyle habits and given a base impact score

  • As tasks/ habits are completed and maintained, the score will lower


main screen

ROSE_synodic (4).png

impact score

side menu

statistics + updates

tasks + habits

community tab

product swaps tab

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'swaps' screens

  • Daily product recommendations that swap single-use disposable items for long-lasting, eco-friendly/ zero-waste options

  • Promotes sustainable brands


'community' screen

  • Community platform where synodic reposts users images, provides tips, and other resources

  • Feed can filtered by category through sliding bar at top


stats + side menu


app notifications

app icon + download screen


social media

loud mouth cookie co.


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