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Impossible Restaurant

who is impossible products?


Impossible products offers a variety of plant-based meat substitutes, and discusses the impact that animal agriculture has on our planet.

the problem: 


More people need to start limiting and eliminating meat consumption and become more educated on the substantial effects that it has on our environment.

The Impossible Restaurant offers a plethora of dishes that feature their different plant-based meats including burger, sausage, chicken, and pork. Easily order or customize your meal from a tablet and enjoy a delicious meal you'd never guess wasn't real meat, while learning about how much it helps our planet.

Each table comes with a tablet where customers can customize and order their meals, and play different games that educate them on the effects of animal agriculture and how plant-based meat is made.

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interface walkthrough

user personas

Alex is a long-time vegan who wishes there were more restaurants around campus that offer plant-based meals. She wishes more people understood the impacts of animal agriculture and how many other options are available to eliminate meat consumption without sacrificing taste or recipes.

Jay enjoys cooking and incorporates meat into most of his meals. He is open to trying plant-based substitutes but doesn't feel the need to give up his favorite steak dinner. Jay is also unsure how to cook balanced meals without the protein of meat. He hopes to learn more about the industry of animal agriculture and begin incorporating plant-based meat into some of his recipes.

journey map

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